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We are trusted by leading organisations in Japan and Indonesia to facilitate structured, step-by-step collaborative sessions to enable their teams find direction, have better alignment, and take action faster.

Our scientifically proven, battle-tested recipe helps our clients identify the right problem, shape & validate innovative solutions, and make decisions faster to solve real business challenges.

From This..
To This..
Then This..
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All in less than a week!

Start Innovating Like Industry Leaders

Next Creation adopts The Design Sprint: A framework initiated at Google and widely implemented at leading organisations like IBM, Twitter, LEGO, and The UN. It is a structured process to work on complex problems as a team, and collaborate on creating innovative solutions.

The process also involves fast, cost-efficient, and low-risk experiment to test your concept and gain real market feedback from customers before you actually invest in building and launching them. This will give you a huge competitive advantage in today's fast paced digital market.

Sprint With The Best

Our certified facilitators will guide you through a structured, step-by-step workshop sessions to help aligning your team in one vision, and come up with a detailed blueprint of your product and what kinds of problem should it address.

We will also help you build a tangible, high-fidelity interactive prototype, as well as testing it with real users to validate your assumptions and actually get closer to bringing in to the market.

What Happens After The Sprint

Project Visibility and Alignment

By collectively unpacking all of the user insights and research data, your entire team will have visibility into the same data points. This is important to align the team on a common goal and speed up the process even after the sprint.

Less Risk and Cost Effective

Imagine months of time and billions of money wasted because your team just went ahead with a bad assumption and made a product that no one needs. The sprint process involves low-cost and low-risk experiment and simulates the real market feedback to give you confidence of the product.

Gain User Feedback Before It's Too Late

In a few days, doing sprint will help you create an interactive prototype that you can test with real users and get immediate feedback so you can quickly learn to make better decisions that will lead to greater success of your product.

Speed and Focus

You’ll be amazed at how productive your team to accomplish several months of work in only a few days when they have the structure of the Sprint to guide them. By the end of the sprint you will have a clear direction and a concrete tangible prototype that will lead you to move faster as an organisation.

You're In Good Hands

We are trusted by our clients, ranging from big companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, and governments across Japan and Indonesia (including Fortune 100 Indonesia companies), to run Design Sprints and Innovation Workshops to help them innovate faster and more effectively. Click here to read our Case Studies and learn more about how we assisted some of our clients.

Meet Your Facilitator

Dr. Gilang Andi Pradana

Gilang is a certified Design Sprint Facilitator who holds a PhD in Computer Science, specialised in Human-Computer Interaction, from University of London, and Master's Degree (with Dean's List Award) in Media Design after completing his residencies in three leading centres of design and innovation: Keio University in Tokyo, Pratt Institute in New York, and Royal College of Art + Imperial College in London, as part of Global Innovation Design program.

Now based in Fukuoka, Japan, Gilang co-founded Next Creation Inc. and assigned as an Official Design Workshop Advisor by Fukuoka Prefecture Government to help organisations accelerate innovation process.

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